What is POAP and how do I use it?

Intro — I’m starting a series of articles where I aim to cover everything in the POAP ecosystem as easily digestible as possible. Firstly because I believe it’s a great project, with a load of potential and has been carried forward by passion and hard work, over every other thing. Secondly, because the return in value and composability over the complexity of the solution is astounding. Last but not least, because I have been a collector all my life, and POAPs are not the exception.

Let’s see how far this goes. Onwards!

The POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) is a system that event organizers can use to distribute crypto-badges (ERC-721 tokens) to people that show up to their event. It also provides an open standard for developers to build on.

POAPs not only have cool designs and allow you to brag your badges with everyone, your collection acts as a digital proof of representation without providing any explicit personal data (the POAP team explains this better than I ever will).

This allows everyone to build functionalities on top of the individuality that POAP collections provide without compromising privacy.

- Ok you got me, I want to use POAP. What should I do?

Nice! Just follow these steps:

1. Go to https://app.poap.xyz/admin

2. Click Manage Events > Create new POAP.

3. Fill in the form, write up an engaging description so you leave everyone desperate to go to your event.

4. Add a cool image — Attendees love bragging rights! (also, do not forget to write down your Edit Code or leave your email address to get it delivered straight to your inbox)

5. Click on Save.

6. Contact the POAP team through their communication channels. You will act as an oracle to verify attendance, so better get onboarded to understand this role.

7. Grab a coffee and wait for the codes to arrive to your inbox.

Easy, right? Enjoy your POAPs and please distribute them responsibly. Collaboration multiplies the success!

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