How to see your POAPs on Metamask

POAPs are available both in mainnet as in the xDai network. In this section you will find how to see your POAPs on both.

Note: Metamask does not support collectibles in its desktop version. You can see your POAPs on the Metamask mobile app, which can be downloaded for iOS or Android.

Adding xDai network to Metamask‌

In order to see your POAPs in xDai, you will have to add the network to Metamask.‌

  • Open the Metamask app and tap the menu at the top left corner of the screen

  • Go to Settings

  • Go back to your wallet and tap on “Wallet”. Scroll down on the list of networks until you find xDai and tap it

Now you can see all your assets on the xDai network.‌

Adding your POAPs to Metamask‌

  • In your wallet, tap the “Collectibles” tab and then tap on “+ Add Collectibles”

Obtain the ID of your token‌


  • Go to Etherscan, enter your address and in your profile click the “ERC721 Token Txns”
  • Look for the IN transaction where you received the POAP and copy the value in the TokenID column


  • Go to Blockscout, enter your address and in your profile click in “Token Transfers”
  • Look for the minting transaction and copy the TokenID

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  • Enter the address of the POAP smart contract and the ID of your POAP

POAP Smart contract address:

  • Mainnet: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415
  • xDai: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415

Tap “ADD” and that’s it! You will be able to see your POAP from your Metamask mobile app.




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